Canton Air Sports, OH

Air Sports: three new Explorers members attended while three others failed to show up at the UC turnaround--par for the course when it comes to skydiving trips, unfortunately! The day started out fairly overcast but transformed to mostly sunny by early afternoon. It was one of those fall days on which sitting in the sun feels glorious while sitting in the shade for too long is quite uncomfortable. The airfield was wet and muddy enough that the pilot elected to take off from and land at Miller Field, a tiny airport a few miles away from Canton Air Sports that sports a concrete runway. The three tandem students each enjoyed their jumps, while Greg and Mike got two jumps in each, including one that involved a high canopy opening--shortly after exiting the plane--for more time (and fun) under canopy. Even with gloves on, spending that much time high up in the air on a day as cold as this one temporarily resulted in some lingering finger soreness!

-M. Jehn