Joining the Explorers Club

  1. Fill out our Google Membership form, available here.
  2. If you are 18 years of age and are affiliated with CMU (i.e. you have an AndrewID), you can complete the online waiver. Otherwise, please print out and 3-hole punch a physical copy of the Trip Waiver/Membership Form. Links to both forms are available here.
  3. Read the release, fill out the information, and sign it.
  4. Submit $20 for club dues (fixed rate for everyone).
  5. Bring the form and dues to a club event, meeting, or gear checkout appointment.
  6. Subscribe to mailing lists and/or the b-board for current trip information.
  7. Help spread the word by joining us on Facebook, Instagram, and The Bridge.

Mailing Lists

If you wish to announce a trip, please do so to a seasonal or specific activity mailing list. Before doing so you must have subscribed to the list, as only a member of a given list can e-mail the list.

Click here to view your current subscriptions

All members (general club announcements, but very few trip announcements):
explorers-dl : Subscribe | Send Post

Specific activities (this is how the majority of trips are announced):
explorers-biking : Subscribe | Send Post
explorers-canoeing : Subscribe | Send Post
explorers-caving : Subscribe | Send Post
explorers-climbing : Subscribe | Send Post
explorers-hiking : Subscribe | Send Post
explorers-kayaking : Subscribe | Send Post
explorers-scuba : Subscribe | Send Post
explorers-skydiving : Subscribe | Send Post