Explorers Club President


Kerrek Stinson (
Kerrek is a Mathematics PhD student. He is pretty into the outdoors. His primary interest is climbing, but he also bikes semi-frequently. If you see him at the climbing gym, don't hesitate to say hi!


Explorers Club Treasurers


Alex Gotsis (

I'm an Electrical and Computer Engineering student that loves to find the time to get out into the world and climb a mountain or two. Climbing is also lots of fun!




Ian Rosenberg (

Ian has been enjoying the outdoors of Pennsylvania since he was a kid. Since coming to CMU he's spent most of his outdoors time climbing, hiking, and slacklining. 





Explorers Club Quartermasters

Matt Barnes (

Matt is a mountain biker, backcountry skier and trail runner. Favorite trips include the Zion grand traverse, Kilimanjaro via the western breach, Roger's Pass, Matterhorn Canyon in Yosemite and the winter mountaineer's route on Mt. Whitney. He is an Adirondack 46'er, Eagle Scout and ECP mountaineering school grad.



Mark Whiting (

Mark Whiting is a PhD student in the Mechanical Engineering Department developing tools to tackle hyper-complex design problems, such as those found in biology. He has grown up traveling the world and has studied in Australia, China and Korea along the way. He is also known for founding TEDxKAIST and being heavily involved with TEDx in Korea. Find out more about Mark here.



Ben Towne (

I got started hiking in my home state of New Hampshire, a state with enough amazing natural beauty to get me hooked.  I've climbed a number of the state's peaks including the *real* Mt. Washington, which is much more challenging than Pittsburgh's old Coal Hill.  I enjoy hiking in PA as well as other states and countries, including a 7-month travel and backpacking trip in Europe a few years back. If there's somewhere you want to go (see suggestions above) just put out a note to explorers-hiking and let's make it happen!