the Storeroom

The Explorers Club storeroom is located in the basement level of Stever House on Morewood Avenue. Here we keep all of the equipment that is available for members' use, including kayaks, a canoe, snowshoes, trekking poles, cookery, stoves, a wall-mounted fingerboard, bouldering mats, and equipment for backpacking, camping, climbing, and caving. We recently added a new mountain bike, scuba gear, and a skydiving altimeter and goggles to our collection. In addition to gear, we maintain a small library of instructional videos, guidebooks, and maps, as well as some general-use items such as tools, first aid kits, coolers, and ponchos. Lastly, we have a stock of cool Explorers Club merchandise available in our storeroom.

Please contact our Quartermaster or any other Explorers Club officer if you are interested in visiting the storeroom. Better yet, attend one of our meetings, after which we'll walk over to Stever House. To borrow any of our gear, please refer to our gear checkout policies, outlined below, before contacting an Explorers Club officer. These policies are meant to promote responsible, active club membership while also ensuring that properly maintained gear is available to all entitled club members. After all, use of our gear is a gesture of respect for service and participation in the Explorers Club.

Note: A usual time for checking out/returning gears is at Wednesday 6pm. Please make sure you contact the quartermaster before going to the storeroom. 


The Storeroom can be accessed from either side of Stever House. If you're driving to the Storeroom, on the Morewood Gardens side you can pull up on the sidewalk for temporary parking, but on the Mudge Mansion side parking is prohibited as there is a fire lane.

GPS coordinates (Mudge side): 40°26'47.7"N 79°56'33.7"W:

These are the entrance doors from the Mudge side. If you're meeting at the storeroom, enter through these doors.
If they are locked, knock loudly if you expect someone is inside (or meet just outside them).


The Explorers Club has several pieces of merchandise to wear and use around town. Ask an officer about buying merch next time you're at the storeroom!

The Explorers Club recently had a large batch of t-shirts made, ranging from size small to extra-large. We have two designs: one printed on a 100% synthetic synthetic red t-shirt and another printed on a 100% cotton yellow t-shirt. T-shirts are $5 each.


The Explorers Club sells Nalgene water bottles with the Explorers rock climber logo. These bottles are great for backpacking, hiking, and otherwise everyday use. The bottles come in two sizes: large (1000mL) and small (500mL). Large bottles are SOLD OUT, small bottles are $5.