Cheat Canyon, Albright, WV

I'd been wanting to kayak the Cheat Canyon since I first saw it in a raft this spring. It was finally at a (barely) runable level - low, but still fun - this Saturday, so I dragged Nik, Cornell and Matt down to Albright. Only Matt had kayaked this section before, and this was the hardest river Cornell had attempted. It was an absolutely gorgeous day: clear blue sky, sun soaking into red cliffs contrasting nicely with clear blue-green, FRIGID water. A splash to the face gave me an instant ice-cream headache, and rolling made my teeth hurt from the cold. I don't usually get to see the rocks underwater that create the river features I so enjoy kayaking ... and I'm not sure that I like to =)

Quote of the trip: Cornell, at lunch "I am NOT a flower"

-L. Lindzey