Canton Air Sports, OH

Despite a cloudy weather forecast for the day, Greg and Mike led a trip around Pennsylhio, joined by 3 new tandem students (P4ND4, Rhia, Collin) and an experienced jumper from Switzerland (Guido). After departing from the UC Turnaround shortly after 8am, the group eventually found a welcoming sky over Canton AirSports and began a day of many highlights. Among most noteworthy events, the three students experienced their first skydive, Guido experienced his first (2) skydives in America, and Greg made his 200th jump! Mike (and Greg) celebrated his birthday with 4 jumps, including two hop-n-pop skydives from only 5k feet, and Greg discovered a new, apparent affinity for obstacles!

-G. MacLean

Check out all the videos below!

Greg's trip compilation:

P4ND4's tandem skydive:

Collin's first skydive: