Slip Clinic 2016

Four intrepid Explorers spent the weekend of June 4-5 at Slippery Rock Creek for the Three Rivers Paddling Club's annual Slip Clinic. All 160 people at the clinic were split into groups by skill level. The three beginner kayakers among us joined three different groups as students, while Joris Kinable, a much more experienced paddler, helped out in a fourth group as an instructor.

The clinic was a perfect opportunity to work on paddling skills and to push ourselves to try trickier moves than we were used to. With two instructors and a safety boater in every group, there was plenty of help for anyone who needed, and lots of drills and tips. Several of us went for a few swims, but trying new things was exactly what we were at the clinic for, and a swim or two in cool water was a small price to pay for learning so much.

On Saturday night, we joined many other TRPC members for a delicious hot dinner. After enjoying each other's company for a few hours, we all retired to our tents to rest up for the second day.

The Slip Clinic was the best paddling instruction we could have asked for, and a great time to boot. Now for a summer of even more exciting paddling!

-Jesse Dunietz