New River Gorge, WV

After a very fun week of five days of work jammed into four because of the labor day getting out of Pittsburgh for Saturday and Sunday is just what we all needed. Fedya, Maryanna, Lisa, and I met Saturday morning to head down to the New. We packed up the car and three hours later we arrived at Summersville Lake to do some sport climbing. We started off and got a good number of climbs in before the weather started to get very ominous. We moved our stuff under a large roof and decided to go for a swim in the lake. We got lucky and the weather never really rolled in and we kept climbing until it got dark and got back to car by headlamp.

The next morning, after some fun around the campfire with a green laser pointer we headed out to Tattoo Wall at Bubba City. After a little bit of trouble finding the climbing area we got there to find quite a crowd of people, but there were plenty of routes to go around. Everyone got to tire themselves out. Then came the worst part of any trip, the part where we head back to Pittsburgh.

-M. Schnall