New River Gorge

8 Explorers (Aria, Maddie, Kristy, Steph, Elani, Andy, Matt and Derek) set out at the ass crack of dawn for a weekend at the New. Highlights of the car ride there included spontaneous bird sounds coming from Aria's phone (?) and an adventure through some thick fog.

After meeting up with Ryan we hiked out to Sandstonia, not without risk - our fearless leader Matt slipped on the treacherous pathway and rolled his ankle. Andy took the first lead on Five-Five My Ass (5.6) while Ryan put up Plumber's Crack (5.6). Ryan (and Derek) led Crescendo to Zeitgeist (5.10a). Matt then put his one good leg to use ascending the rope by prusik. Elani led Shady Lady (5.7) and Matt climbed it gracefully using his right knee. The team ended the day late (thankful for headlamps) finishing up with Bobby-D’s Bunny (5.6), and Mrs. Field’s Follies (5.8). We then made our hungry and tired way back to the campsite, where feasting ensued. Elani made room in the crowded car for her guitar, resulting in a late night jam session in which Ryan created a hit song "Climbing on that West Virginia Rock" and we all had some good rowdy singing (?) before passing out in the tents. 

The next day, one car headed back while four of us (Elani, Derek, Andy and Ryan) headed to the Bridge to get in another day of climbing. Ryan lead Easily Flakey (5.7) and Elani got some experience cleaning trad (with the exception of one nut which was rescued by Andy). In the interest of time, the team set up topropes on Jaws (5.9+) and Chockstone (5.9+) which all 4 of us enjoyed thoroughly. We then returned to Pittsburgh tired, hungry, bruised, bleeding and happy.