Canton Air Sports, OH

On Saturday, February 28th, we held our first official Explorers Club skydiving trip of the year. We'd been shut down the weekend before due to poor weather, and we were suspicious that the same thing would happen to us on our second try. Such was not the case, however! The skies were mostly clear from just before noon onward; the winds were low and consistent. It was quite cold and the ground was a wet muddy mess, but that didn't stop us. Eric Blood, Aileen Craig, and Dinesh Ayyappan made their first tandem skydives, while Mike Stevens, Greg MacLean and I each got multiple jumps in. Greg tried out his new camera helmet; we're both really excited that he'll be able to shoot jump video soon. With high scattered clouds, the mid-afternoon was clear enough to see the skyline of Cleveland 45 miles to the northwest and a decent stretch of the lakeshore. We were the only business that Canton Air Sports had that day. We're looking forward to a great year!

-M. Jehn