Canton Air Sports, OH

This was our first big trip of the 2008 fall semester. Greg MacLean and I brought out nine students, all of them first-time tandems. The weather forecast had called for a beautiful, sunny Sunday, but that's not exactly what we found shortly after we arrived at Canton Air Sports. The winds kept picking up, the sky was overcast, and it lightly rained. I knew that the weather would improve by the afternoon, but that did not prevent me from fearing that some of the students might not get to jump. Fortunately, the rain did not last long and the weather cleared periodically, giving everyone a chance to do their tandem jumps. The weather actually became quite beautiful by mid-afternoon. Greg and I got two jumps in; our second was above a high layer of clouds that made spotting the dropzone impossible. We used a GPS to determine where the plane was relative to the airport, waited a while to get upwind, and jumped. It turned out to be a perfectly good spot. Thanks to everyone who attended!

-M. Jehn