Tracy Ridge, Allegheny National Forest and Kinzu Bridge

6 campers set out around 5pm Friday from the gear room heading north to the forest. Leisurely dinner en route. The magical cabin lights mesmerized the drivers, causing detours involving Buffalo, cops and getting to camp way too late. Cold wet night turned into a fire-warmed and oatmeal filled morning. Around noon, delved into crisp hardwood forests with the sounds of gunfire at our back and stylish orange bandannas on our heads. Ran into a hidden hunter. Found a forgotten sleeping back running up a tree. Fossil follies down by the reservoir. Spirits were high getting to the campground, only to have them dashed by a swarm of crazy canoeists. Found our own shelter at the top of the hill. Built a mega fire accompanied by vinified spaghetti and sm'ores. Warmer night and late morning makes all us campers feel nice and rested. Brisk pace back to the cars. 3 campers jet straight back to Pitt, other 3 took a detour to the twisted meyham of Kinzu Bridge. Total distance: 13 miles. Congrats to all the first time backpackers! Thanks all for a great trip! Trip Quote: "We're amazing!"

-M. Desnoyer