New River Gorge, WV

The weather forecast seemed to be good for this weekend, and many climbers headed towards the New River Gorge to spend some time climbing outside.

On Friday, after having some bad luck with a flat tire on the highway, we arrived quite late at Summersville lake. This was not enough to discourage us to climb a few lines (finishing the last one with a headlamp) at Whipoorwhill before going to set our camp at Chestnut Creek.

The next day, we went to Bubba city with a couple of other Pittsburgh climbers, where we climbed almost every single route that we found until we were exhausted. A good dinner set us ready for a good night of rest before Sunday.

On Sunday, we went to Endless Wall to enjoy some really nice trad and sports climb until mid-day, when it was unfortunately already time to go back home.

-S. Clerc