Cooper's Rock, WV

We made the hour and a half drive down to Cooper's Rock in West Virginia on a beautiful fall day. The leaves were colorful, the sun was out, and the temperature was cool and perfect for climbing. The CMU Explorers club provided all the gear we needed including a guide book that explained the bouldering routes on each of the house-sized boulders which seemed to be whimsically scattered across the mountainside. We climbed for several hours, moving from boulder to boulder and trying as many routes as we could. The routes ranged from fairly simple, to impossible. Snacks, a packed lunch and constant pictures provided good breaks between climbs, as well as opportunities to socialize with fellow students and explorers. Once we were all too tired to continue, we headed back towards Pittsburgh, picking up delicious some roadside tacos on the way. It was a great experience and I would recommend it to anyone!

-B. Hood