Allegheny River, Pittsburgh, PA

Light-up night! You will almost never find me on flatwater, but I make an exception for the chance to see fireworks explode directly above my head =)

I wound up leading this trip accidentally (I skipped the general body meeting, and it was announced that I was leading a light-up night trip ... I discovered this on the minutes). The group was a mix of Explorer's club members and grad students from my lab, and we all had a blast. We made it onto the water just in time to see the first fireworks show from the point. 30 minutes later, the *big* show began, from the 7th street bridge. Best effect of the night was a curtain/waterfall of white fire from the bridge.

In the general chaos, our group got split up, and Eli, Christine, Kent (and others?) missed the first show but managed to watch the 2nd from close enough to touch the barge! I'm jealous - the coast guard kept herding us downstream, but we still had a great view. Best fireworks show I've ever been to, and the night was perfectly capped by discovering that Sharpedge currently has Mad Elf available.

-L. Lindzey