Allegheny River, PA

Met up with David Degerome and Laura Lindzey at the storeroom at 1:00 pm that afternoon to load up a couple of whitewater kayaks to do some flatwater training out at the backchannel of the Allegheny River at the new Three Rivers Rowing Association boathouse near Washington's Landing. After checking to see if they were up for it, rather than just going up anddown the backchannel, we went up and all the way around Heers Island, about a 1.8 mile trip which we did in about an hour and a half.

The objective was to get people comfortable in their boats, work on their paddle strokes, and to develop some boat control. Everybody did really well on this. The section outside of the island, out in the main channel, was a little interesting as there was quite a bit of powerboat traffic on the river, and some of them were kicking up pretty good wakes, giving us some small waves to have to deal with as well.

Got back to campus around 3:20 - didn't take any pictures. Map of the location and approximate track are here.

-T. Marz