Whitewater kayaking is one of the most dynamic sports out there. Within the last 10 years, limits have been broken, and new technologies have reshaped this sport and brought the joys of running rivers to countless explorers. Whether your passion is to make it down the most difficult and dangerous rapid, or to simply enjoy time in the tranquility of a flowing river, whitewater kayaking provides an awesome break from the busy student life.

At Carnegie Mellon, there are currently around a dozen active kayakers whose skills range from enthusiastic novices to Class V adrenaline junkies. However, outside of CMU, there is already a solidly established paddling community in the Pittsburgh area with clubs such as the Three River's Paddling Club. We typically will run trips whenever and wherever people are interested, and have pool sessions every Thursday to refine technique.

Check out some photos and stories from a sampling of our trips here.

Kayaking Gear

The CMU storeroom, housed in the basement of Stever House (formerly New House), contains approximately a dozen kayaks over a variety of ages and styles. The club also has plenty of paddles, helmets, lifejackets, and sprayskirts for use on trips or pool sessions.

Shops & Resources

American Whitewater - Amazing Database of Whitewater Rivers
Rocky Mountain Kayak - Kayak shop in New Stanton, PA
Three Rivers Paddling Club - Local paddling club, message board, gear swap
Boater Talk - Nationwide kayaking B-Board
Wilderness Voyageurs - Outfitter in Ohiopyle, PA
Riversport Online - Outfitter/paddling school near Ohiopyle, PA

Explorers Club Kayaking Chairs

Joris Kinable (jkinable@cs.cmu.edu)

I've been kayaking for the last 10 years, in nearly every possible setting: flat water racing, sea kayaking, kayak polo, multi-day touring, white water kayaking, you name it. From early spring till late fall you'll find me on a river (almost) every weekend. I run frequent trips at any level: from beginners trips on the Middle Yough, to advanced Class V white water trips on the Upper Yough, Top Yough, Upper Gauley, etc. If you're new to the sport or a hard-core paddler, I'd love to hear from you and have you join us.


Alex Litzenberger (alitzenb@cmu.edu)

I've been paddling for 7 years. To the left you can see me demonstrating bad form by keeping my elbow high while high bracing.