Check out some photos and stories from a sampling of our trips here.

Canoeing Destinations

Being in Pittsburgh, we are surrounded by rivers. The Allegheny, Monangahela, and Ohio Rivers are a 10 minute drive away. Due to the dams, however, the near parts are completely flat, with a hardly noticeable current. A couple hours away, there are more interesting rivers and streams, some with good rapids, where the navigation gets more interesting!

Canoeing Gear

The club currently owns a canoe which can be used for small trips. For larger trips, canoes are available near points of interest, e.g. Allegheny Outfitters.




I've been canoeing in the backwoods of Quebec, Canada since I was 8. Starting in 2014, each summer I've gone on trips in Parc de La Verendrye, Quebec (the ones in 2014 and 2016 were over 100 miles for 7 days!). I've frequently run Class I and II rapids. On days when the wind is at my back, I love to be a lazy paddler.

LV 2016 Pano