Whether you're a beginner looking to try smooth flow trails or an advanced rider looking for fast, technical and adrenaline pumping trails -- we have it. Frick Park, less than 2 miles from CMU, offers some of the best in-city mountain biking in the US.

Check out our most recent rides below on Strava. Older photos are stories are available on the blog here.

Biking Destinations

  • Frick Park
  • North Park
  • Apollo, PA
  • Bavington, PA
  • Raystown Lake, PA
  • Rothrock State Forest
  • Davis, WV

Biking Gear

The Explorers Club owns and maintains five mountain bikes, including two complete with panniers and racks. This is a great opportunity for those who are interested in biking but either don't have a bike or have a bike unfit for off-road use. It is important to only ride a well maintained bike, designed for off-road use, in order to avoid potentially severe bodily injury. Similarly, an undamaged helmet is essential, so the Explorers Club has three differently sized biking helmets.

Bikes available for checkout are:

  • 2014 Specialized Crave 29 - Size S (Red)
  • 2014 Specialized Crave 29 - Size M (Black)
  • 2016 Cannondale Trail 3 (27.5) - Size L (Red)
  • Novara (26" wheels) with optional rack + panniers (Green)

The Club also owns SPD pedals for more intermediate and advanced riders, a hydration pack, gloves, multi-tool, spare tubes, and floor pump. All of this gear is located in the storeroom and, as per Explorers Club policy, must be checked out and returned by an Explorers Club officer.

Note: If you are wearing one of the Explorers Club biking helmets and it withstands a heavy impact, such as you falling on your head while on a trail, you must inform an officer of this upon its return. A helmet's effectiveness in protecting the wearer is significantly decreased after such an impact and the Explorers Club will purchase a new helmet.

Bike Checkout

In addition to the general gear checkout rules, there are two stipulations with bike checkout.

  1. You must email the biking chair before checking out the bike. Please give advance warning of your plan to checkout the bike; 24 hour notice is ideal.

  2. The bike cannot be checked out for more than two days without permission from the biking chair.

Shops & Resources

Pittsburgh Pro Bicycles - Bike shop on Forbes Ave., right in Squirrel Hill
Dirty Harry's - Bike shop in Verona, PA
MTBR - Excellent mountain biking resource with reviews of products, shops, trails, classifieds, etc.